Merrell Men’s Moab Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men’s Moab Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Product Description:

Feet stay dry and comfortable throughout a variety of activities with this tried and true shoe.

Customer Reviews:

I’m very happy with these shoes. They keep my feet dry during walks through wet snow and slush. I bought them for early morning walks when the grass is wet with dew and I think they will work great. I bought them in 12 wide and these shoes are actually wide enough for me to wear a thick pair of socks. Haven’t had them long enough to rate the wear of the sole, but so far, so good… Read More…
I purchase this shoe originally because I work outside in all kinds of weather conditions. I have tried many other waterproof shoes and weatherproof boots, usually the ones that were the most watertight were the ones that were big and clunky and uncomfortable. I have been looking for a while and stumbled across this pair of Gore-tex shoes. I ordered a pair and wore them the next day pushing carts in pouring rain. I worked outside for about 8 hours that day, and my feet stayed completely dry and even better, they were very comfortable all day too! I would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone for just about any type of use involving walking and different weather conditions… Read More…

Owned for 8 months. Wore these shoes exclusively to walk 800 km across Spain this summer to do the Camino to Santiago. I also wore them for 3 months (95% of the time) in Italy where I would walk daily through the woods, up mountains, and in the rain. Waterproof as advertised, feet never got hot or cold. In Spain there is dirt \ dust everywhere but the cloth on the outside still looks great. I’ve walked in snow, streams, desert, dirt, mud, cow poop, dog poop, crushed snails, the tread and bottom of these shoes look brand new.

The only concerns I have was that it took 1 month to break in the shoe (full time daily wearing). The gore-tex makes the middle of the shoe tight when you walk, as if there was a crease \ fold that pinches a bit. I re-laced a few times (would stop it for a few days), after a month it was not a problem.

Also the back of the heel (on the inside) has completely worn out and some of the padding is pulling out, however I can’t blame the… Read More…

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